Saturday, May 17, 2014

Family and friends

I stay at my old friend Willard Morgan's hotel, the Larchmont on 11th st between 5th and 6th avenue. The bathrooms are in the hall and my door is opened with a key. Can you imagine!
Down the block is the French Roast and every morning I would have a breakfast meeting with like Stephen Kasher from the Kasher Gallery or Myles from Ampersand Gallery or luch with Carl from Bard College (1964-66).

I'd have the omelette, with bagette and chicken sausage ($8.50) and killer coffee.

I like to eat at Spain and have eaten there on and off for more than 40 years. They set up three tables in the middle of the back room and friends staggered in from 7pm to 11 pm. The free appetizers are scary but the main courses are very fine.

Leonard Abrahms, publisher of the East Village Eye, called because aJapanese t-shirt company is going to do tees of one of my covers I did for him of Robert Maplethorpe. He brought a pretty woman he was seeing. We both wore traditional Spanish shirts.

Leonard is holding a copy of the new book done of my collection of photos by John K, "Sitting". My text, Carey's design and published by Ampersand Books. It did very well at the New York City Outsider Art Show in the former DIA building lit by Dan Flavin neon pieces in the hallways.

They showed cut out collages from the 50's by Arthur, film he made in Washington Square Park and Coney Island beach in the early '60's, and photos by John I found in LA.

When photographer Melanie came to my hotel room I asked to to pick from a pile of my 4x6 inch prints and the one she choose matched in subject a photo by John. My shot had Simone Cross jamming her foot into Brandon's mouth in resonse to him asking her to drown him (at the Majestic Hotel in SF in 2003).

some Arthur collages

old friends stopped by at the Outsider art show like Charlie Steiner whom I have known since the early seventies

Myles shows harlie additional collection material

Ampersand booth. note the tv monitor with Arthur film on the desk -right side

Arthur creations

While this was going on the Stephen Kasher gallery exhibited three of the John pieces I had given him to sell in his "Slaves of Mimesis: Nine Years on 23rd st April 24th -May 24th, 2014.

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