Friday, May 2, 2014

Gail Ball (game 3)

Once again thursday doesn't draw a BIG group of players but Gail Marcus Orlen (she has an exhibit of her painting at the Etherton Gallery till June) picked up a bat and changed the course of the game.

warming up

more warming up

Bob stretching

looking right


Gail had NEVER swung a bat. she is a natural hitter. Anyone would want her on their team

Gail uses a abllet ball stance she learned in Forest Hills Queens (it does look English)

I felt the pitcher was showing favortism. He never pitched to me that way.

Gail wore a handsome (reversible) uniform

Perhaps she wore this to distract the catcher but there was no catcher but then again there was no pitcher (note Bob, the pitcher, leaving the field). It was that kind of game.

There is nothing more attractive than abeauty in right field. Reminds me of when me and Nash Glynn (who died in Tucson Dec. 2000) were up fly fishing in Wyoming dreaming of a beauty in a pair weightors and little else besides her rod.

Bob played with a revengence as he always does

note the ball to her left

I got worried she was going to jump leagues and join the 10 year olds

look at the way she distributes her weight!

the stadium

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