Monday, June 30, 2014

Apples and tequila don't mix. not even top shelf tequila

beautiful Katy Gierlach towards sunset at the bottom of Gates Pass after we ingested some fallen fruit from a ripe saguaro.
Who says Tucson don't got cool shit in their thrift stores. This fab hat I found at the white elephant (I think that was the name); the dress came from 22nd st. thrift east of Craycroft.

The death of my 15 inch Mac happened on my way to an abandoned "Africa USA" north of Miami where Bunny Yeager shot Betty Page with two cheetahs. I had just attended Bunny's funeral but that's another entry (soon). Sarasota was great with Charlie and Melanie and Brad McCortney's exhibition of Sarasota County portraits. Miami was fabulous with Javier dePison. He took me to Opa Locka (amazing). I spent time with 97 yr old Bruce Mozert, the great underwater photographer, who did the stills for "Creature From the Black Lagoon".
Santa fe was Santa fe where I got to see my college roomate's exhibition of fine paintings-Bob Richardson and attended Willie Bo's 40th birthday in his new studio then wandered through the desert stopping in Milan, N.M and Holbrook, Arizona. Then a quick trip to LA to meet with Myles from Ampersand Gallery to acquire more outsider art and to dine with Cynthia Patterson and Andy, Dave Naz and Ori in Eagle's Nest.