Monday, July 7, 2014

The Power of Photography

I have stopped fights with threatening to take a photo of what was happening. My camera has contributed to heightening the eroticism between two lovers but for the first time I changed the hiring policy. Years past the women working at my gatehouse were uniformly young...not so the men. About a year ago I asked a new employee girl if I could take her photo-there at the gate. It so disturbed her she went to management complaining. Tme passed and she bleached her hair and again I asked to takew her portrait. Next thing I know the vice squad is visiting my house and she is trying to place a restrining order on me(!). THEN the gatehouse transforms. Now only women over 40 years and older. The power of the camera!

July 4th celebration at Dan and Mary's casa

my brother Jeff at his NM home

Darren as a Smith brother cough drop at 4th of July

Amy and Leo Wang at 4th of July (note how mom and Leo are wearing same color sense)

Lela Wang. Harvey Wang, the dad and husband is someone I knew in NYC when we both shot for the Soho Weekly News. 

pizza with Jim Reed in Superior, AZ

Hugh Williams, my former student at ICP and School of Visual Arts in NYC, came to visit and I tk him on the 8 mile loop at Saguaro East National Park. He, of course, totally got into the saguaros. I tk him for lunch at the Tanque Verde ranch.

It's a buffet and we arrived late with the buffet out for only ten more minutes so we stocked UP.

me by my publisher friend Tim Schafner. 

my cactus advisor, Mike Ellis, at Tohono Chul Park

Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm in Starbucks on Independence day and there are four young Pima County Sheriffs at a nearby table with fabulous work boots on.

THE best Chinese food in Tucson is Old Peking restaurant. They have a Szechuan menu beyond the regular menu that is traditional and fabulous. 

This is my young old friend Elia Katz, son of Leon Katz. I have discussed and argued with this New Yorker since we met in Taos, NM in 1970 through (dearly) departed Alan Kaplan. Elia is the author of "Armed Love" (Alan did the cover) a New York Times best seller about communes in the late '60's. His mind is rich even if he isn't (yet). I keep hoping he is writing secretly because the way he thinks. Could he be paralyzed by the Iching.  When I was shooting continuously in Silver Lake after I got fired from TASCHEN- mostly modelmayhem models and Elia would come over to assist and enjoy the experience. One day he showed up with a finished video (cd) he had done on my work. Its rough and available on the internet. So maybe he is writing the great American novel. I enjoyed, from a more recent novel, his account of Jesus visiting the protagonist in the Bronx at nite and becomes visble when JC goes to the icebox and opens the door. Jesus lit by the icebox-an image I'll not soon forget.

I went suddenly to LA to get more John K photos ("Sitting")

(my collection of John K photos published by Ampersand Gallery in Portland, Oregon, txt by me).
Here Myles (owner of Ampersand) walking with Maggie. My friend is Jim Camp is carrying the bat to fend off vicious dogs. East Beverly Blvd. Not B. Hills. Jim shoot porn and makes art (triple polaroid portraits)

We slept the nite before on the beds of the different porn sets. Jim is a big collector of the same swag I collect and Myles deals so we had fun talking and looking. In the morning Marley Mathews showed up. She had a list of acts she was to perform for the camera but had a sore throat and didn't want to swallow and Jim told her they don't want that anyway. The "male talent" was going to cum on her face and she remarked she liked that.

It isn't an open set so we left to look at more John  K photos.

A.T reading "Sitting"

A.T viewing the vintage John  K stereo image

Myles kneeling before the mother lode of John K material.

A.T. explaining an aspect of the collection to Myles

We lunched at the Casbah Cafe in Sunset Junction for Greek salad

We were late for a dinner with Cynthia Patterson and Andy, Ori and Dave and Frank of course.

Ori and Cynthia

The next day Myles and I had important eating to do starting at FromA Cafe on Melrose near Fairfax (I like Fred Segal's bfast but I love FromA)

Myles at FromA

my omelette

then to Lee Kaplan's fantastic, recently moved, photo bookstore Arcana in Culver City. Then lunch at Lemonade on Beverley.


There is Jim Nitzel's baby daughter. She and I often dine at Cafe a La C'Art on the grounds of the Tucson Museum of Art. Beautiful soulful Marian (Gail Marcus Orlen's mom) was there. No more beautiful woman!

I got to leave for bbq and fireworks at Zoebe's place on Sampson st.
a parting thought in pixels

At dawn at Siesta Key, Florida

and then

Tom waits for no one. I have these pristine fiber based 8"x10" prints at a thrift down from Office Depot on east Speedway. Tucson. amazing grace. The class of 1925 at their 1950 reunion and below at their 1965. Go Harvard, Illinois!

retro bikini in the window of Hydra on Congress just up from the Congress Hotel. Hydra keeps going making fab windows for Rodeo week or the summer. If I had a dime I'd buy these bottoms. Reminds me of Norma Komali beach fav designer when I live in Manhattan from 1971 to 1994. Her small salon off 5th avenue south of 57th st was a treasure til one day it was gone. Margo and her brother own Hydra (145 e. Congress) and they've opened a new another one in Bisbee.

Here's Katy eating saguaro fruit from the ground. (note the shell in her left hand) Illegal to harvest by anyone other than American Indian I believe. Delicious. Like raspberry jam. The dress I got at the 22nd st thrift store and asked Marian, Gail's mother, to cut out the liner. Clothes alkways look better without liner. 

Happy 4th of July. I'm not much on rah rah but I do like bbq. Not much on fireworks unless George Plimpton is setting them off at the end of Long Island but he has been long dead (I think).