Friday, July 4, 2014

and then

Tom waits for no one. I have these pristine fiber based 8"x10" prints at a thrift down from Office Depot on east Speedway. Tucson. amazing grace. The class of 1925 at their 1950 reunion and below at their 1965. Go Harvard, Illinois!

retro bikini in the window of Hydra on Congress just up from the Congress Hotel. Hydra keeps going making fab windows for Rodeo week or the summer. If I had a dime I'd buy these bottoms. Reminds me of Norma Komali beach fav designer when I live in Manhattan from 1971 to 1994. Her small salon off 5th avenue south of 57th st was a treasure til one day it was gone. Margo and her brother own Hydra (145 e. Congress) and they've opened a new another one in Bisbee.

Here's Katy eating saguaro fruit from the ground. (note the shell in her left hand) Illegal to harvest by anyone other than American Indian I believe. Delicious. Like raspberry jam. The dress I got at the 22nd st thrift store and asked Marian, Gail's mother, to cut out the liner. Clothes alkways look better without liner. 

Happy 4th of July. I'm not much on rah rah but I do like bbq. Not much on fireworks unless George Plimpton is setting them off at the end of Long Island but he has been long dead (I think).

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