Sunday, September 14, 2014

Black Mold found in Sunken Livingroom (in my house)

I've been busy helping lay out my friend's photography book (Steve Diet Goedde) in LA. Took the Sunset Limited overnite to Hotel Congress from downtown LA ($38!). Found the Rillito rising from nothing to what looked like the Mississippi River. Lost an Avedon/Capote oversized book I inherited from my folks (first edition) to black mold. going camping with Carl in Seco Canyon east of Green River, Utah. Connected Bunny Yeager's estate to Ampersand Gallery and they are going to sell Yeager's small color prints

from the 1950s.Found crazy stuff like a cupping machine at a yard sale of a retired chiropractor.
Shot beautiful Heather
for a collaboration dealing with body modification done with the help of rope expert Mykal
over in Palm Springs. Nadine
came and did an overnite with us and the girls played dress-up

. Heather and I had talked of collaboration. She wanted to affect her environment and I wanted to shoot her. She told me of the work of Mendieta who died out of window of Carl Andre's Greenwich village apartment(I was in it with him years later).

and I turned her onto the work of Francesca Woodman.

above four images copyrighted to Francesca Woodman.
I thought with the help of Mykal Binds we could make some parallel work.

We meet at a Palm Springs breakfast place

Heather shows Mykal

Mykal and Heather confer at Motel 6

a form of Japanese rope bondage (self-taught)

Mykal leaves a bite mark

Found Jesus wearing a t-shirt of his own image (strange).

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