Friday, October 10, 2014

He was young and `hot' and flying down Kolb in his big motorcycle without a helmet without a care

He crossed the double yellow line and passed my car with ease and then the suv appeared coming the other way on the s curve and he had to adjust his zoom and cut between me and the oncoming car and I thought he had made it but he hugged the bike lane, lost his balance, and hit a metal 35 mph speed limit sign going 45 mph I estimate. His body got tangled in the speed limit sign, his motorcycle and dreams kept going another 50 feet. By the time I stopped my car and went back to his shuttering black body, his blood was pooling outside his back brain and his body parts were horribly twisted.
He was still breathing when rural metro got there (quick) and one of the men pounded on his chest but, too soon, they were covering him with a blue blanket.
Last night I watched Catherine Denieve in a late '60's French film quote from William Faulkner about living life fast and to the fullest, but the next day (today) I could see the grim ripper sending the other suv around the a malicous  surprise. Like a lesson for me. YES don't compromise. YES do it all. but don't think you (I) can beat the odds.
I'll buy the local paper tomorrow and learn what was for the young man until he crossed the double yellow line.

(me by Melanie King)

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