Sunday, October 26, 2014

Madonna, Manhattan, me , Melanie and Megan plus Jonathan, Louie, Kitty, Willa, Leah, Andrew, and beautiful Simone

and Mistress Amanda la Fatale and Ralph and...

all mine ©eric kroll

I received the following emails:

Dear Mr Kroll,
                   Could you please settle an argument by confirming that you photographed Madonna in 1983 in New York. The photographs that I believe you shot are being attributed to another photographer so would be grateful if you could help.

(my reply) i shot her with corn rows in the basement of danceteria. could have been 83. thanks. curious. what other photog is claiming them. peace

Thank you for responding so promptly. It's not another photographer who's claiming them but a Madonna fan page on Facebook. I told them it was you but they are insisting it is Oliviero Toscani. So thank you for the confirmation. They were some great shots by the way.

(my thoughts) If one lives long enough one gets to see an appreciation (but most likely no money) for what one shot on an everyday basis 30 years ago.

I also was tracked down by Greer Lankton's husband to contribute some photos I did of her also in the 1980s for an exhibnition at the Participant Gallery on east Houston. The previous show was on Cookie Mueller so I feel in good company.

Sometimes sexuality is subtle...sometimes it isn't. Melanie decided to cook fish on Friday after she, Charlie and I went to the American Museum of Natural History. I had been in and out of trying to meet up with Dr. Jonathan. I invited him for dinner. Melanie suggested inviting Megan. She said her model/photographer girlfriend was now a sailor for ships. I bought the Suaza tequila. I wanted/hoped that Melanie would take Dr. Jonathan's portrait. Below are two of the b&w medium format shots she had done of Arthur when we went to visit him. Maybe she would do another portrait?

©Melanie King

some more by me from that day

dinner at Melanie's


note their eyes

the portrait session

I've known the doctor since he bought a Betty Page print from me over twenty years ago. He then lived 2 blocks north of my Park Avenue studio. I've known Melanie since she called 10 years ago and suggested we do a shoot.  We have shot many times a year since then. I began to notice-as the ladies got higher on tequila -a different way of assisting and passing of the camera.

it made me think of study hall in Ward Manor at Bard College in 1964. right?

Melanie and I independently picked up on the `Blow Up' vibe that was transpiring in her living room.

Melanie has never given ME that expression! Was this b4 or after they began playing "patty cake Patty cake"?

how come my photos don't lk like this?

I realized it was time for Dr. Jonathan and I to leave. My next shoot, starting at 10 pm, happened to be 4 doors down from where Jonathan lived!

Mistress Amanda la Fatale.