Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New York New York. so nice they had to name it twice

I took the Broadway local north to 50th st and kept remembering the fabulous and mysterious shops on the floors above the street. The custome store I never dared go into. gone. I headed west towards Arthur's apartment, looking up as I walked and there it was LIVE BEAUTIFUL MODELS.

The man in the adult store said they had closed 2 years ago but the photos lked like from the 1980s.

Melanie with Arthur, former Mr. New York (circa 1950)

from my collection...from a different world

after late nite dinner at Otto's formerly 1/5th Avenue
(lft to right) Bradley, Leah, Bob, Willatd, Ayaka and me. (it appears part of my cheek is trying to leave the photo

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