Monday, October 27, 2014

Should I be Paranoid when Sheriff Joyce #7727 of the Pima County Sheriff's department approaches me minutes ago

while I am eating my veggie dinner in the corner table of the Whole Foods on Craycroft and River and asks me if I saw someone run through the area. There had been a theft from Whole Foods.
I had arrived at 9 pm and bought my dinner from the trays and sat down to answer my emails because I choose to have no internet at home. The area I was in was diserted and I had seen no one running or walking. He wanted my name, my address and then he wanted my phone number. Sheriff Joyce hadn't asked me when I arrived or anything. His police car was outside where I was sitting so it seemed legit but why my number. I told him I wasn't giving him my number.
He went away and came back shortly thereafter saying there had been a report of someone sitting where I was looking at child pornography on the 24th. I was sitting with my back to the wall. I told him I was in NYC visiting my children. I asked him who reported this and he said a customer. He said I fit the customer's description. There is no way any customer to see what anyone was doing on their computer in my corner. the person working in the coffee area bend the wall could peer over and see what someone was doing in my corner but no customer. How did this "customer" know it was child pornography. wow. arizona!
I left Whole Foods (north east corner of Craycroft and River) at closing time and called Gail. I mentioned how I wanted to find out if Officer Joyce had the rights to ask for my info though I saw nothing. I mentioned I would find out tomorrow then realized I could propobably find out tonight.  I called the number on the card and the machine said no one was there but I should call 911. I did and explained it wasn't an emergency but I'd like to speak to someone in charge at the Pima County Sheriff's office. The operator asked for my phone number and I was uptight enough not to want to give it so she proposed I meet the Sheriff somewhere and I was going to Kinkos but she said that was out of his jurisdiction. She suggested I wait in front of Whole Foods.
After a bit a sherrif vehicle drove up in front of whole foods and I approached and he told me to wait at my car and he went into Whole Foods. I could see he was talking to the long haired fellow that was in charge when I was in there. Was I the topic of their conversation?
Finally,  Sheriff Donovan came out and walked over to me as more police officer vehicles arrived. He asked why he had been called and I explained what had happened. He was flustered and had a hard time understanding what had happened to me. He thought maybe the child porn accusation had been for today- no officer it was Oct. 24th. He explained that what Joyce had asked for was normal procedure. Meanwhile a shorter officer had his flash lite out and was checking my vehicle (for what?). Then they pointed out that I was trespassing on private property until I pointed out that the police operator had told me to wait where I was for Donovan.
Donovan, as an aside, said that the long haired manager guy and told him to tell me I was no longer welcome in Whole Foods and I could not come back. The little short fellow officer piped up that he was a witness to what Donovan was telling me and that I had been warned. I asked Donovan the man's name that had told him I couldn't come back but he hadn't noted his name. wow.
I will call the head cheese at Whole Foods tomorrow to find out why I am banned. Arizona ridiculous rides again!
As I was driving home the phone rang and it was unidentified. It turned out to be Joyce's superior officer. He asked me questions and I answered them. He said that it was procedure for Joyce to ask for my info but I didn't have to give it. So much for not giving out my telephone number. The authorities have everything. I'm surprised I didn't make a contribution to the police force without knowing it. They must have my bank account info!
The next morning-this morning -I continue to think about it. Was I blocked from Whole Foods because the management thought I was hanging around ready to cause trouble. They didn't know that the police nite operator had told me to wait there for officer Donovan. Its like the fable- the outlaws are in black (I was wearing a black t-shirt and black pants) and a good guys wear white. Or the twilight zone episode where there is an officer in plain clothes escorting a prisoner in plain clothes and the audience and the community in the episode have to decide which is which. They assume the ugly one is the outlaw and the handsome one is the law enforcement. WRONG.

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