Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm thinking of having a party entitled "Nobody Gets Out Alive"

After I graduated from college in 1969 and moved to Taos, NM and then to NYC in 1971 it took about 3 years to get a spectacular loft on w. 29th st above the Old Garden (German) restaurant in Manhattan. One day a female friend from Bard College came by having just returned from living in Laos. She remained a high cheeked beauty and she told me she needed a job and I got her a job with my photo stock agency that I sold my work through. They hired her and gave her keys to the office. She came over after work the nbext week and after she left I went looking for my camera and it was gone. I looked everywhere. Finally I called another friend from Bard and mentioned I couldn't find my camera and the last person that had visited was H. He remarked that she had come back from Laos a junkie! Telling my agency to change their locks was a drag. Fast forward forty years and another friend from Bard sent me an article in the New York Post about a grandmother purse thief that at age 68 had been arrested and put into jail. She had been arrested multiple times. After she came out of jail she died the next day! It was the same person I had known at Bard college. I can't believe she remained a junkie all these years. Maybe she had some klepto problems.

I've been in love (with him and his music) Naim Amor since I met him at Amy Reed's house at a jam session years ago. and I fell crazy for the music and personality of Al Foul. I heard them for the second time recently at the Maker House. Beautiful Katy awful was my date. She told me she used to hear Al when she was 12 years old! Lucky lady.

             Al Foul...need  I say more

me and Naim with his latest album. photo by Katy awful

the boys in the band

Katy and I then drove all nite to Colorado and I bought some legal pot and I smoked it but didn't inhale and Katy didn't smoke any.

I am disappointed to write that Roberto Francisco Villa,  and dad to my close friend Robert Villa, violinist and reptile (turtle) and plant guy died last week at age 50 of cardiac arrest.

I met Roberto only a few times but I remember those times- he cooking a pot of something delicious in his kitchen, we eating with his other boy in a restaurant along 6th avenue and a chinese restaurant along St. Mary's and at a Heather Gray documentary on a Spanish bakery where the above photo was taken. I keep telling my girl kids how every moment together is a precious one for me...and for them.

My close friend Dave Naz married to my close friend Ori Small had an exhibition in Chinatown in LA and a book launching at the gallery.  The book, Genderqueer and other Gender Identities is published by Rare Bird Books and available on Amazon and at their website rare The exhibition is at Coagula Curatorial 974 Chung King Rd in Chinatown LA. Nov. 8th to Dec. 20, 2014.

the nite of the opening

Buck Angel in front of his Naz portrait

Dave and one of his subjects

Matt Gleason, gallery owner and Dave Naz

Lillian Batts takes no prisoners at the opening

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