Sunday, December 14, 2014

On the Beach

Everytime I fly into Miami to be with my friend/writer Javier de Pison pleasure becomes work and vice verci. in order to ketch up I need to lay down some photos.
My artist/performer long time friend Willard Morgan of Idealglass gallery in NYC has been creating personas for decades (Jelvis, the Jewish Elvis i.e.). He wasn't coming to art Basel then he was and flew in to work with his artist/performer friend Ayakamay ( and along came Azumi OE (in red) and Seira Makanishini in blue. Costumes are by  Uta Bekaia.
I went to meet Willard on the beach near 17th st not knowing what to expect. Something about Charles II.

then lunch at the Tap Tap Haitian restaurant on 5th st. with Javier

the luncheon crowd at the Tap Tap

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