Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Robert Wilson on the Beach

I shot Robert Wilson's rehearsals for "Einsten On the Beach" and this time, the strongest wqork I saw at Miami Art Basel was his "portraits" of Lady Gaga in image boxes where he added subtle movement in the image and his signature music.

The main pavillion had the Warhol's

and the Annie Leibovitz work of what's her name

and the David Hockney rooms

and John Chamberlain

and Alexander Calder's stay mobile in the foreground

and Mike Kelley who I have been wrong about consistantly.  Years ago I had dinner with him. We were guests of Benedikt Taschen and afterwards I mentioned how I thought he was aragant plus boring. Then I saw his sock monkeys and loved them. Then we had a big public verbal fight at a Pierre Davis talk and then I saw his Gagosian yearbook recreation exhibit and loved it. Benedikt published an anthology of "Sex To Sexty" magazine and at first I thought the mag lame but then I started to dig it and buy it. Turns out Benedikt learned of Sexty to Sexty from Mike Kelley. I'm ceertain I will be wrong again.

But the most important move I made at Art Basel was when I turned the corner and saw the color photo of Mike Bildo and David Wajnarovich sitting on the grass on the second floor of the Canal Pier.  

That's when i met Penny Pilkington, owner of PPOW gallery which I remembered from the lower eastside art movement in the 1980's. I told her I also had fine photos of David and the pier and she told me about the upcoming David Wajnorich retrospective at the Whitney museum. As soon as I got back to my north Miami beach apartment provided by my brilliant writer friend Javier de Pison, I sent these images below and more.

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