Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mermaid and the Manatee

in Marathon, Florida

out Javier's backyard in north Miami Beach

me with mermaid (photo by Javier de Pison)

Javier with mermaid Nataly (from Columbia) on the beach in front of the Deauville Hotel.

we "used" her to promote issue 6 of Osmos magazine at their launch party on the beach

mermaid Nataly reading issue 6 Osmos in the lobby of the Deauville

carried by students attending an unnamed college in the lower eastside of NY. One of their fellow student's artwork was in Osmos #6 and they all came down to give her support. Later they held a class on the beach dealing with censorship...I was about to comment (from my experience with Karen Finley, and various run-ins with the law and censorship) when someone said the class dealt with INSTAGRAM which I don't know anything about.

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