Friday, January 2, 2015

“I’m worried about you. If I didn’t know you I’d think you were crazy”- Jim Camp

My good friend, photographer, publisher and collector Jim Camp came by the house and I happened to be at the far end of my living room. He took a pic of me and later said what he said.

Over a year ago my oldest daughter Leah came for a day visit and when I brought her to my house and said again that all this stuff was going to be hers and her sister, Willa, she walked in the front door, burst into tears and left. She must have given a negative report because an old friend stopped communicating with me. Humm.
I edit from the floor up. I have a theory and I am putting it into practise. 
I live alone.

my living room a number of years ago before my saguaro I placed in the middle of my livingroom broke its water. I want to view everything I own fromyears back to yesterday. If it gets on the wall it is safe. Otherwise negatives, books, clothes are on the floor and if I notice them and realize I want to live wiht it I put it on my wall. I work from chaos. My house is a a series of tzunamis meeting at different distances from my front door. I get my excercise by avoiding things on the floor and the composition changes daily!!!

I don't entertain as b4

my master bathrioom with double sinks- one filled with vintage bullwhips. There is about 40 years on these walls. Lynka, my wife of 17 yrs, Felice, an 8 yr relationship, Gail 4 years, Jessica firebird a num ber of wild years, and others. Every item is a remembrance.

  I took the shot below of Jim outside the Center For Creative Photography

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