Friday, January 2, 2015

On the first day of the new year I try and shoot

In the past the subject would be a woman...this year it is winter blanket nature laid across the foothills of Tucson.

Gail and I persist

off Linda Vista st..a part of Catalina State Park

the infamous wooden snow snake only found at certain elevations

I brought along a fine small derby I bought out of the back of a junker's truck in Ocala, Florida to block the low sunlight but it ended up playing an important part of the New Year's morning.

a GMO and EK collaboration

the mouth has been riding on the dash board for months.
After our hike we bfasted at Claire's cafe in Catalina.

I have NOT eaten a bread product since 2014!

Gail's bfast

New Year's Eve we Feast(ed) with our good friends Steve and Karen and their friends Terry, William and Pam.

the fruit and cheese plate

the seafood soup (superb)

beet salad at Feast

Every year I try and give something to friends that I make. Last time it was a "Branchuci" which were found logs found in the woods in North Carolina east of Ashville. A play on Brancusi's wonderful simplicity in his sculptures. I have been thinking about the colored sand pieces sold along route 66 that maybe I saw or imagined. In any case I have been collecting sand all over the lower west USA and storing in bags , jars and more. I made my first two several days ago. They are a reference to Mike Kelley and a piece he did around a `found' 1950s yearbook- recreating the scenes in the yearbook as tableaux at a Gagosian space in NYC a number of years ago. these two are entitled "When I was 12 or 13 I went out west" #1,#2.

in my sandbox my mother left me.

Then onto Robert Villa's New Year's brunch of organic foods. Nick was there, Jared and Katy, and a new Leah whom I had never met.

not my daughter... not Leah from LA

Robert Villa

and me at brunch by Katy

Villa brunch

Hill had this theory of spacial distances between certain people

no one in the middle, everyone in a circle by chance

finally matzo ball soup ar Gail's and then George Raft in Nocture and the day was done

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