Friday, January 2, 2015

Photos from last year and before


Naim Amor and Al Foul playing for dinner at Bonnie's on Christmas nite. The very best.

there has nver been for me, a more spontaneous reckless woman than Jessica Freebird. We wanted to identify her a few years ago and she cut out the letters and lay in the sun. This is down at Bisbee in one of the vintage trailers.

me by Dave Nash when I fell asleep in the livingroom at one of his dinner parties the years I was working for TASCHEN.

Eric Minh Swenson documents a shoot I did with Melanie beside Dave Naz and Ori Small's pool.

Bruce Mozert , the great underwater Florida photographer at 98 years old outside his studio in Crystal Springs, Fla.

me and my writer friends Hunter Thompson and Elia katz

breakfast at the Latin Cafe on Collins in North Miami Beach

Some of the original highway men painters exhibit at the local Jenson's furniture store Ft. Pierce, Fla.

ah...Jared and Katy at the El Salvadoran restaurant at the swap meet on Mission

old friend J.B. McCourtney, Siesta Key, Florida

Brad across from Becky Wild (former Antioch student of mine) and Javier

Javier and Becky in her and Rick Baxter's backyard

Javier and Minnie at her fruit stand Miami

the nite Jelvis took Paula dancing (years ago in Manhattan)

Jelvis aka Charles II aka Willard Morgan

Jelvis relaxes

Paula smokes

Don't know this fellow. Met at the Swap meet neasr the Mission

woman I met near Sierra Vista when I shot Jessica in front of Pin-Ups

An image of mine from "Sex Objects" `appropriated' by Richard Prince and used on his art muscle car exhibnited in LA 2009.

we're not getting any younger"

Melanie naps in Siesta Key

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