Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sophmore year in the Cacti (little adult) League

Fuller, Campbell, Romaniello and myself met secretly at P.F. Chiang's to discuss and schedule the 2nd season of softball.

Monday, January 5th, at three o'clock, at the north end of Sawtelle in Himmel Park.

Last season we oozed enthusiasm but lacked bodies. Monday we had 4 to a team and it was
dangerous and exciting.

(lft to rght) Steve Romaniello, Bob Campbell, Gail Marcus Orlen, Carl Hanni, Jefferson Carter, Tim Fuller and our mighty violinist and fielder Robert Villa. more came an hour or so later.

`around the horn' with Romaniello at bat.

Carl Hanni directing...Steve walking

(2 me) Gail is our star athlete (she goes to the gym everyday but Sunday). She can bat, run for the injured, hit and see.

one of us is NOT straight up and down. decide.

a new second second baseman, Jefferson Carter

Tim Fuller races home from the 1890s

catcher poet William attempts to put out photographer Fuller sign language

Romaniello goes down at first while the fielders argue the call (O U T)

I collided with myself after a mighty swing. Actually I think I caught my Nike spike in something.

instant replay shows the shadow of a protuberance at home plate

I tried to get up

and did get up...but the game was over

and the bench was warm

2nd game of the 2nd season next Monday, the 12th of January, 2015. same place same time.
3 pm north end of Sawtelle where it meets Himmel park. all are very very welcome

Last year we were full of spirit but devoid of bodies. This year we had MORE TH

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