Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Don't tell a Lie about Me, dear and I won't Tell the Truth about you"- a line from a '30s Ink Spots song

I bought a rusty Ink Spots cd in Blythe, CA on my way out to LA for Steve Diet Goedde's birthday party and it transfixed me.

I got into LA and went directly to Cynthia Patterson

's beautiful hill top house in Pasadena. She made me carbs for dinner

 and energy then she and I went to C Loft Gallery space on Alemeda near 6th st. Funky. The room was crowded with Mistresses

 and models

and (it seems) my reputation preceded me. Like I did at a party my French photog friend Robert Chouraqui, brought me to in Marsailles I found some models and shot in the hallway.

Some were in the Goedde bk I edited (Arrangements vol. 3),

photo by Michael Simmons

 some were friends of friends like film director MIchael Simmons co script writer Allyson, some were straight up friends like Jessica

Im trying to encourage Jessica to practise safe sex

whom I helped raise since we met and she was nineteen and I was older.

And then there is Mistress Isabelle Sinclair who is a class by herself. I hadn't seen her for 6 or more years and she looked six or so years younger! A pack with the devil no doubt. I asked her to spank poor Jessica for being `bad' in a good way. (a reward of sorts)

My friend Coop dj'd.

the publisher, the girlfriend and the dj

 Ori and Lillian be bopped in the corner and and in the bathroom with the host of the space. But first Ori set the stage.

I met Moxi behind the bar.

I kept thinking ` what's there not to love'

 I had arranged the week b4 to shoot Kat Handler

the rubber butt of Kat next to her significant other

Kat caught off guard

and Moxi was up for being shot so I introduced them and they came over to Dave's the next day but that's another blog entry.

saw many old friends who had migrated to LA from SF like Molly , Lyn and MIchael Manning.

I asked her to show me her undies and she would not

Ori and Lillian rocking in the corner

Lillian , forever the fashion maven

the ladies having a deep deep conversation.

meanwhile my daughter Leah was in New Orleans collectioning beads and remembrances

when I saw these shots of her (she likes best to make customs) I sent her one of herself when she was three and she wrote back she still had the bunny hat!!!!!! She just turned 31.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Neal Cassidy cry your eyes out

"A lack of dollars doesn't mean poverty"-Benh Zeitlin, director of Beasts of the Southern Wild.
My bank balance b4 I headed west on Friday:

I live at the base of these Catalina mts. ( a holy place I believe)

I'm well into 68 yrs old and id b comfortable to live on the road. I had to bring 6 framed fotos of mine to Justin at his gallery, "The Shooting Gallery" in San Francisco. I set the appointment up for noon on
Saturday, February 7th. I had to be in LA on Sunday the 8th at 4 pm for Steve Diet Goedde's slide show for his kick starter campaign for a new book called "Arrangements" that I did the editing for. I then had to be in Tucson for a doctor appointment on Wednesday at 3:55 pm.
No problem ex cept instead of leaving Friday at 7 am I left at 2 am exhausted. I called my friend Carmelo in LA and asked him to rescue me and meet me in Gorman, CA off the 5 to drive my loaded car the rest of the way to SF. He agrees to meet me. I get as far as Tonapah (my hot springs stop) and fall asleep for three hours in my car. Recalculate when to meet Carmelo

 and hope to get there b4 Justin leaves for Sacramento at 7 pm.
Get to Gorman at 1 pm and Carmelo has the fried egg sandwiches and fries to go. He drives...I doze and we get to SF by 6:30 pm. I leave Justin the framed pieces and arrange to leave him the dozens of unframed pieces I need to sign, etc.
We drive to meet Dagny Dishman, my friend/surrogate mother for my kids when I and they were young. To my horror every restaurant in the MIssion has a line! We find a empty Asian restaurant Dagny knows on Harrison.

 We get to Bob Adler's to sleep and I fall hard hearing Carmelo and Bob talking into the nite

and later I get up at 6 am to sign prints.

We leave by 9 am stopping to watch Brandon warm his hands at his computer

 and get to the Stockroom on Caesar Chavez at 3:45pm,greeted by my friend, Kumi Monster. Years ago I voted her best fetish dresser at a contest at Bondage A Go Go ($500 prize!!!!)

Old friends from SF (Michael Manning and Molly from So Hip It Hurts)

 Kumi  out smoking a cig with Carmelo.

I see a pretty young woman in a remarkably short yellow skirt and matching top. I ask Kat to step around the corner and raise her skirt.

Kat Handler of Century Guild, producing the Goedde "Arrangements" bk.

 I met Hannah who bought from Jerri Transformations. I used to work with Jerri when he owned Centurian in Garden Grove, Ca then Reno, Nevada. I will never forget those white stiletto heels I got there.

Hudsy Hawn, head mistress at the University of the Stockroom, running the Goedde event. I ran after her fine butt.

note Coop and Strephen and child, Victor and Suzanne Lightworship, Micheal Manning and Steve Diet Goedde by the computer slide show machine

Sal with Molly L'Amour. The first time I shot Sal was many many years ago when he was married to a beautiful dom and he was a sissy. I shot it for Dian Hanson when she was at Leg Show but they were beautifully printed in my TASCHEN Beauty Parade (1997)

dinner next door at Indians and Turbans

 That's John A. Mozzer in grey hair on my right

John wrote me an email, having taken party shots in 1989 and 1990 at the Rated X show at the Neikrug Gallery on east 68th st NYC. I was in both those shows and he needs to identify the people he shot.
He takes me to breakfast in Atwater village and I identify a few including Steve Bonge, now head of the New York City chapter of the Hell's Angels. He shows me a photo of a nude woman and asks if I remember her. Nope, I reply. He says she came to my studio and bought a Susan Smith image from me when i had a studio off Park Avenue in Manhattan. John A. Mozzer aka Alan Adrian aka Spike, porn star in the '80s. He invites me back to his apartment to see my framed photo. I find it behind a settee?

Mr. John A. Mozzer also has a poster for Club 57 designed by John Sex. I try and swap for it but he won't.

and in his files of his photos he had a shot of Titus Moody whom I want to do a bk on called "Why Titus Moody."

Im instructed by Ori Small, married to Dave Naz, to bring Lillian with me after the dinner but Lillian never shows. I drive to west hollywood and fall asleep.  The next day I go to Sammy's for photo supplies,  and then Taschen's pop up gallery for Rolling Stones book with Eli.

 Charlatta, Benedikt's daughter and Gregory B are working there. I take many pictures.

Elia pontificates to Charlatta

Then Molly L'Amour, a Lady Gaga and Toledo dancer, brings with her Alyssa Marquez from Yuma, Arizona, also a Toledo dancer and trained classic ballet dancer.

 We are to shoot at the Naz pool but they are late and the sun is going down. We play round robin with Dave shooting against seemless in his studio

Dave Naz playing the part of David Bailey and Molly lking like Veruscka

and me shooting the other beauty  outside by the pool and failing lite swapping models every few minutes.

the ladies about to be shot

Alyssa helps Molly with her heels

Alyssa wearing one of the t-shirts made by my nephew Adam (Big Time Threads)


Alyssa pours the shots

Molly wet again

a bound and beautiful Alyssa rides a wet Molly pony

Thinking back to a Flagstaff, Az shoot I did with Felice and another ponytail look alike model having a catfight in matching girdles I suggested the two dancers fight:

I was able to separate them but then they went back at it. (when I was a young man in New York I remember being on Park Avenue just north of Grand Central Station in the early work morning on my way to show my portfolio to a magazine editor and I see a business man in a business suit in his car almost hit another man walking across the street also dressed in a business suit. One yells at the other and the other yells back. The guy stops his car in the middle of the street and begins to fist fight the man he almost hit with his car. Both complete strangers to each other. A bunch of us separate them and as soon as we walk away the two business men are back fighting again!)

Then dinner at Mandurette (sp) on Beverly with me, Dave Naz, Ori Small, Lillian Batts, Carmelo Sala, Molly L'Amour, Durmel, Marian, and Kumi Monster.

me and beautiful Kumi

The next day I get breakfast at my MOST favorite counter FromA cafe on Melrose at Fairfax.

 I do stuff and dine with Michael Tighe at Baracoa in Atwater village and leave on highway 5 for Interstate 10. Unfortunately, I have to report my favorite Cuban restaurant fed me bad chicken with arroz

so Im sick till I fall asleep at the rest area east of Indigo and sleep 6 hours in my car!

 I get to my Tucson doctor appointment with 5 minutes to spare.
At least 1800 miles!!!! in five days. fun