Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Don't tell a Lie about Me, dear and I won't Tell the Truth about you"- a line from a '30s Ink Spots song

I bought a rusty Ink Spots cd in Blythe, CA on my way out to LA for Steve Diet Goedde's birthday party and it transfixed me.

I got into LA and went directly to Cynthia Patterson

's beautiful hill top house in Pasadena. She made me carbs for dinner

 and energy then she and I went to C Loft Gallery space on Alemeda near 6th st. Funky. The room was crowded with Mistresses

 and models

and (it seems) my reputation preceded me. Like I did at a party my French photog friend Robert Chouraqui, brought me to in Marsailles I found some models and shot in the hallway.

Some were in the Goedde bk I edited (Arrangements vol. 3),

photo by Michael Simmons

 some were friends of friends like film director MIchael Simmons co script writer Allyson, some were straight up friends like Jessica

Im trying to encourage Jessica to practise safe sex

whom I helped raise since we met and she was nineteen and I was older.

And then there is Mistress Isabelle Sinclair who is a class by herself. I hadn't seen her for 6 or more years and she looked six or so years younger! A pack with the devil no doubt. I asked her to spank poor Jessica for being `bad' in a good way. (a reward of sorts)

My friend Coop dj'd.

the publisher, the girlfriend and the dj

 Ori and Lillian be bopped in the corner and and in the bathroom with the host of the space. But first Ori set the stage.

I met Moxi behind the bar.

I kept thinking ` what's there not to love'

 I had arranged the week b4 to shoot Kat Handler

the rubber butt of Kat next to her significant other

Kat caught off guard

and Moxi was up for being shot so I introduced them and they came over to Dave's the next day but that's another blog entry.

saw many old friends who had migrated to LA from SF like Molly , Lyn and MIchael Manning.

I asked her to show me her undies and she would not

Ori and Lillian rocking in the corner

Lillian , forever the fashion maven

the ladies having a deep deep conversation.

meanwhile my daughter Leah was in New Orleans collectioning beads and remembrances

when I saw these shots of her (she likes best to make customs) I sent her one of herself when she was three and she wrote back she still had the bunny hat!!!!!! She just turned 31.

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