Friday, February 13, 2015

Some I Own...Some I Did

below are more images from my collection. I just bought an Epson V 600 scanner and Richard at Centric Photo is teaching me how to operate it.

Diane Curtis (in Big Book of Breasts)

Debbie Moore from the Big Book of Breasts

1960s girlie model eating

I love nature photos from the 1960s

when women knew how to dress

still from "Vampire Lesbian movie"

Spagetti Nudist movie

Mercy Montello (blonde) and friend

topless axe cutters

Gee Gentile sunning

I used to exhibit at the Shooting Gallery on Larkin in SF when I lived there. Its moved to Geary street and Im going to show there again. Here are some of the shots Justin will be handling.

Holly Woodlawn

Candy hair by Dallas 

"New York Have A Heart". Lynka Adams and me


Canadian paper mill dumping into river

paper mill spokesperson explaining to Objiway Indians. for New Times mag

Robert Mapplethorpe at Pace McGill Gallery

Diane Brill and Eric Stanton at his opening at Danbceteria NYC

Keith Haring doing mural on FDR drive NYC

Debbie Harry the nite Jesse Jackson hit 3 homer runs in a world series

a valentine's card my wife, Lynka SAdams and I made with Ace our cat

happy v day everyone

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  1. Debbie Harry the nite Jesse Jackson hit 3 homer runs in a world series. Probably Reggie, but hey.