Saturday, March 21, 2015

Up On Geary St

After Friday nite in LA, I drove to San Francisco the day of the opening at the Shooting Gallery. Justin Giarla choose fifteen of my pieces and hung them salon style. No pricing. "Upon Inquiry" was printed on the 12 th anniversary price list. He had my work in a good spot down the way from the work of Shepard Fairey. I was late and Helena and her husband Laurent were there already.

Justin and I re-enact how we greeted each other moments earlier ...but in reverse.

Helena, Laurent, Brian Sullivan

my part

my life in San Francisco 9 yrs ago. Brandon, Brian, Farrah Spott, Helena and Laurent

Brian (photographer) reacting to my work

Chris (the dad with blonde hair) with his family

Justin in white t

painter Helen and her bf Justin in the background

ok so maybe Im jealous. Helena and Laurent freshly married
and on their way to Bali having spent a month in Vietnam.

Whitney (whom I met years ago through Kayla) and her bf

wearable art

Farrah Spott, back from NYC and the art scene there

Willa Mayo came. For some reason I didnt shoot her at the opening. Here is a shot of her I did in Tucson over a year ago.  She has a job on the Haight

a dense moment around my work 

Then across the street for some Turkish Delight with friends

Then back to the gallery

out on Geary and Larkin looking in

Paul and Catherine showed up. they are the parents of daughter Willa's best friend at Sacred Heart high school on Filmore.

with my spokesperson Brandon

a last look then home to the Adlers

the crowd seemed young but then maybe they are all dot com millionaires

some art patrons living in SF but from South Dakota and beyond

Like in the Cohen's "the Perfect Man" I got sobered up when I passed a young blonde woman and asked to take her photo. She looked at me and "Only if my friends can be in it". No thanks I want to
do your portrait. She then

Shooting her reminded me of Larry Clark's remark about making "Teenage Lust" how his younger brother took him into his scene and Larry got to relive with camera, his memories of being a teenager. There is an immense creative energy in someone on the street and less than 25 years old.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I don't appreciate google

I kept going instead of getting on Interstate 5 from Gilroy, the garlic capital of California. From misinformation I ended up at the Economy Inn on the western end of San Banos. A fabulous vest pocket motel that has beautiful small gardens.
Again I left Tucson last Thursday and slept at rest stops to Santa Monica then a nite on Jon Schwartz's couch and breakfast at Cori's on Ocean with my former master's program student Amy Sampson...pregnant. I believe outrageous mother shots should be taken for the child to enjoy in adulthood and so did Amy.

I was thrilled to make such beautiful images. Amy is wearing a "Brigette Bardot" from Syren courtesy of Steve Diet Goedde.
Then she went her way and I went mine to meet up 5 hours later in Atwater village at my former SVA student Patrick Paeper's bkstore Alias East.

Amy selecting another book below Richard Prince's art.
 That night I attended Kayla's video collaboration shown at the Well as part of LA Fashion week. Her brilliance becomes more apparent every time I come to LA.

through the years I have managed to photograph Kayla on a number of couches.

cupping Kayla

her collaboration video with Guillaume Wolf  at the Well

Kayla twice

an iphone is a photographers lighting assistant

after two bands

Kayla and I went outside on the rooftop and sat against the far wall. After a bit I noticed a short red skirt almost almost up against the back of my head. I asked Kayla if she thought the girl wearing the short red skirt would mind me running my hand up inside her skirt. We laughed and after a time we both left the Well with Kayla joing her friends and me and Durmel wandering...right up to the red skirt and her friends. I felt an immediate connection to Nathan from Lexington, Kentucky (Leah's bf is from Lexington) and Nathan was way wacky enough for me. Lola was married and Astrid was the wife of Nathan. Everyone spoke slurred French and English.

Everyone wants to go to the Ace Hotel rooftop bar and, naturally, there is a long line. I approach the gate guy and explain I am too old to wait in line and he lets us in and up we go to the pool bar.  Nathan keeps buying me drinks while him and Durmel try and cause trouble with the young ladies.

Durmel playing the devil ('s advocate and Nathan looking for his better half in the bushes (far right)

international Kentucy relations

I have to drive all day the next day to my opening at the Shooting gallery so Durmel and I leave but end up across from the Mayan

at a taco stand with the most beautiful woman behind the window.

she declared me a fool and we go back out into the LA blue nite


home to Durmel's. I sleep soundly in his outdoor backyard casita and wake up to the morning light