Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Next Day at Dave's

What began as a simple shoot evolved into a fantastic complex shoot. Dave Naz, Cynthia Petterson and I took turns pohotographing Moxi and Kat. Easch of us has a different style. As Bill Ward and Eric Stanton got older their fastination with big then bigger boobs took hold. Im 68 and fabulously big boobs are beginning to entice my camera! (I will keep the rated x photos out of this entry like the shot of me pretending to wash my hands in one of the ladies pee as she stood in the plant garden)


Dave Naz

nothing turns me on like a sway back on a beautiful woman

Dave Naz directs his shoot

my direction

Kat is wearing a "Brigette Bardot" from Syren and Moxi is wearing something I bought on Hollywood Blvd. 

Kat wears dress top made from a dress top

the ladies we wearing crosses so I thought of prayer- outdoor prayer

which one is leading?


then the fine shoot was over and the girls went home

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