Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've started a new photo essay and discovered I had been shooting backs of women's hair for decades. Here is a shot of Candy with her hair done by Dallas Alleman (working in New Orleans now). He was what made my studio work special in the 80's and 90s in NYC.

Candy from behind circa 1988. NYC

San Francisco circa 2006

(my pet acorn snake)




Brooklyn flea

Leah's friend at the Brooklyn flea

Wilcox, Az convenience store

a model arriving at Dave's in LA

a Santa Fe poet off Garcia St.

the manager at a new Dollar store Tucson

at the Loft Cinema Tucson

also at the Loft Cinema Tucson

Lillian from the back in LA loft party for Steve D.G.'s birthday

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