Friday, June 19, 2015

me by Andrew Emery Brown and Jackie Alpers

I've been trying to get Andrew Emery Brown up to my house ever since I began to work with chaos (about 3 years ago). I have always wanted to duplicate jazz in photos but I couldnt figure it. One morning, taking photos of my private madness, I realized I was living in free jazz and began to take
photos of the configurations of things (images ot follow in a few days). I was filmed for tv years ago by Andrew Brown and I thought he was a fine filmmaker and wanted to make a doc on ME and my creative mess. He is very busy but made it to my house as the light was fading. When he left I felt I had accomplished something- getting him up to my house. He sent me three shots he had taken. I like
very much.

me in the master bathroom ©Andrew Emery Brown

me looking a bit brain dead ©Andrew Emery Brown

wow ©Andrew Emery Brown

when I moved permanently to Tucson over 6 years ago a knew very few people. One poet died shortly there after, one stopped talking to me because I took near naked (tasteful) photos of his 27 year old daughter. One stopped talking to me because he thought I was taking undue advantage of his lawyer mate and the last one stopped talking to me as soon as I moved here.
When I used to visit Tucson from SF and later LA, invariably I'd bring a model/friend to photograph. I asked Jackie Alpers to document a shooting a was doing with Melanie, a photographer model from
NYC that I have known 10 years.

out on east Broadway ©Jackie Alpers

me shooting Melanie ©Jackie Alpers

by ©Jackie Alpers from my shoot

a fine ©Jackie Alpers image

me and Melanie and others cooking in my kitchen after the shoot ©Jackie Alpers

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