Thursday, July 16, 2015

absolutely no commercial value

I used to do this all the time but not in Tucson (conservative). I tell everyone I studied cultural anthropology in college and I use it as I did yesterday photographing Nadia, a model mayhem model from Houston. She arrived from El Paso, Tx and before that Albuquerque, NM and started in Houston, Tx. She's a naked vagabond like other young women I have met through MM. I was pleasantly surprised she had no quams taking her clothes off in front of Jorge and me. He and I had pulled clothes for two days for this shoot. Her young boyfriend didnt even bother to come to the house to introduce himself. He went to the pool.
Neither of them had any interest in where they were. She had another shoot in three hours in Tucson then on to Phoenix then on to LA and up into the northwest. And Matt, her bf , didnt even like the road.

wearing a Syren rubber `spank' skirt

poolside with small lampshades

cowboy Kroll and cowboy Rico b4 the shoot

Nadia looking like Yvette Mimieux. vintage bathing suit from Diamond Lil's on River

photo by Jorge Rico

Jorge shooting Nadia

Jorge reaching for size 10 boots for Nadia

the boot spurs dig into her flesh

nothing I love more then a ponytail and a ten gallon hat

when Nadia first walked in off the road

one can never feel safe enough in the Ventana Golf Villas

Matt, Nadia's boyfriend gets some shut-eye while she is being photographed

Jorge shoots Nadia with havelina looking on

this moment re inforced my belief in God and country. Go team!

Nadia in the women's rm wearing a torn Fashionista piece

Nadia finds backyard comfort with my (fireman's) dummy. She is wearing a vintage PLAYBOY manufactured bikini.

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  1. Yvette Mimieux, sure, but Jane Ball also, maybe more.