Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independent day

I miss Harry Smith , though I never met him.

 I miss holding more original Weegee prints in my hands and staring down at them in wonder.

bunny by Weegee 1945
Moondog by Weegee

 I should have taken a photo of Moondog that I would see down the street from an early MOMOA. He’d stand there silently on the east side of sixth avenue mid block. Maybe I took his picture
And have lost it. I remember him.

"When I first got to New York they wrote me up as “a man with the face of Christ.” I put up with that for a few years, then I said I don’t want that connection, I must do something about my appearance to make it look un-Christian.” And so Moondog became a Nordic warrior; complete with spear and horned helmet: “the Viking of Sixth Avenue.”

“Rhythmically I’m in the past. Melodically and harmonically, I’m in the present or avant-garde.” Moondog

There was a darkroom one could rent in the west (Greenwich) village below the street. I have vague memories of editing (throwing away) early 35mm b&w negatives there. I regret losing my earliest work. Having no evidence, I think those negatives were some of my best, unaffected/direct work. As I got older my eye got bastardized by billboards, noise from art directors. Its best to go alone. I think Danny Lyon went on his own, but I was bastardized. I thought there was `a way’ to take photos…instead of just taking photos. It took me decades to see –all the time- through my eyes. To let it all out like Jack Smith seems to have done.

I still respond to the surrealists, the fluxus movement, Duchamp. I don’t have internet at home. Don’t want it. If I had it I would be down loading porn all day and nite. Even so, I just found an extra ordinary site that pleases me every inch of the way.

I get requests fro photos I did years ago and I somehow find them in my crazy archive. Gagosian Gallery needed to shots of Nam June Paik for a Hong Kong exhibition catalogue and, one of the shots, I hadn't thought about since I took it in 1984. I looked all the obvious places but couldnt find the 2 `/4" color transparency. I was about to go throught the hundred Light Impression expensive white linen photo albums and dint want to. I noticed a single transparency left balanced on one of the albums. It was inches from falling behind the row of albums and into the cobwebs ( I hadnt been through the area in five years). I picked it up and it was THE one I was looking for. AMAZING

I am going through and labelling my hundreds of cd's of my images taken in LA, SF, NYC and Tucson and making prints when I can.

Here is a shot I didnt set up. We were walking to the motel pool to shoot fetish and I realized it was a scene right out of "Reservoir Dogs" and took it. This was Paradise Valley, Ca and we were asked to leave the next day.

Dave and Ori years ago over dinner

nite u 2

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