Saturday, July 25, 2015

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I am reviewing all the piles of cds and DVD's of jpegs I have done since leaving NYC. That's eleven years in San Francisco, 3 years in LA and 6 years in Tucson. What follows is a strange and wonderful
shoot I did with my rope bondage expert JD in his apartment off a small park north of Market st in San Francsico at least10 years ago. The 6 women were from different parts of my life. Amy was my Masters student from Oakland, another was a visitor from Tennessee and a substitute teacher, 2 were women I had shot b4 and two I hadnt known b4. The fellow "belonged" to Skye and he I had shot previously.
Most of the props-wigs and vintage girdles, came out of my closet. I loved the light and colors. It took hours to suspend the fellow and bind the women. I woman fainted. JD orchestrated beautifully. That is his girlfriend with the raven hair and camera.

about to be suspended (not from school)

he wears a male chastity belt

JD at work

This woman I met at a club in the Tenderloin. She was dancing. not a dancer.

That's Skye in the background. I wonder where she is tonight.

I would have never tired of shooting this woman and now I cant remember her name.

I felt like LaTrec on the sidelines of a club.

This young man had zero fat and reminded me of David Bowie's body when I photographed him doing modern dance for a Nam June Paik video piece.

watching from the sidelines. Affection between models.

My Tenessee friend in borrowed girdles...shooting.

human upside down sculpture

how about the pychedelic rug?

she fainted. she was fine in a minute.

Skye loosens the knots

Amy, my grad student, helps

more knots

JP directs the action

a normal nite in SF

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