Thursday, July 9, 2015

Willa and Luke are getting married

Luke called from Montana saying Willa had seen a grizzly. He kept telling me stuff about camping and fires and I asked where was Willa (fearing she had been mauled by a grizzly). He said she was inside the restaurant. Then he said he was going to propose to her when he went back into Willa and wanted my blessing. I gave it. wow! soon maybe I'll have a grandchild and then...

a re enactment of the proposal

Looks like a well organized pow wow in the back

Same day I found a surgeon at Mayo Clinic to rmeove my skaghorn kidney stone from my left kidney-Dr. Humphreys at the end of this month!!

Same day I started reading the lead story in the Sunday New York Times on Robert Frank.
( I had pressured Luka and Willa) to come with me in May to see Robert Frank. He was at the opening of his wife, June Leaf's,
(she's in the middle. born in Tucson)

painting and I wanted to see him again. I said Frank was the greatest living photographer. Two months later that's how the Times described him. Vindication.

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