Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First a Canyon brush fire two canyons to the west of my house, then a heavy monsoon rain

and down came the animals. First two scrawny coyotes in front of my gate to Craycroft, then a proud roadrunner who didnt run but rather posed on the top of my chaise lounge, then a small gaggle of havalinas (they had been roasted by the evil HOA but two years later were back coming single file down a wash in back of my house. Then last night a fat gila monster who was gone by the time I turned my car around. Love them animals.

I feel fine. People keep saying on the phone that after my (August 18th) surgery I'll feel much better EXCEPT for the fact I FEEL FINE. C'est la vie. I leave everything to my two daughter , Leah and Willa, though both have made it clear they dont want my important collection of smut. When I was circa a elevenb years old my father, Boris, at the formal dining room table, asked us three kids who will come into his (textile) business he had made from scratch into millions and a fine reputation for elegance and mid century style. I said I wanted to go off on my own in some other field. He was furious and vindictive. So much for hiding behind youth.

I've been shooting Sarah P. since I met her through my daughter Leah at Idylwild high school

after she hit her dashboard of her car

shot again at the Mint on their 4th anniversary for the "Wild Girls"

Nite at the beach in the Mint

this is the one (the founder) I never grow tired of shooting

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