Monday, September 7, 2015

ok i'm back home and glad to be home

My good friend Bob Campbell, after seeing the shot of me after my aborted surgery to rid myself of the evil staghorn kidney stone growing in my left kidney thought I should make a calendar. So...

after my first attempt at surgery August 1 , 2015

yellow jello after successful surgery first phase (all photos by Gail Marcus Orlen unless otherwise stated)

the (red) entrance wound and marking by Dr. Humphreys

Gail pets me

I knew the surgery team went through my bladder on the way to my kidney and I wanted to know what they saw. (no growths found !!) and prostate looked enlarged but fine!!!

lking like George Clooney on ER

the morning after bfast

trying out a car on the surgery floor

resting up in the gadget closet

magnificent site

having a good hair day

inflated like a tick

regaining back some of my ornery ways

Sumo Saturday Nite

on the way home where highway 8 meets highway 10


  1. The only thing better than you in that Sumo Saturday Night photo would be you, with a large yellow pacifier in your mouth, in that very same photo. Now i know what to get you for the up coming B day!