Saturday, December 26, 2015

Craigslist. Ending 2015 with a bang

"fat girl with hairy pussy seeks hook-up"

above is a friend's recent listing (without photo) on craigslist. It had a happy ending. 
Years ago I knew a woman that got fired from Starbucks and until she got rehired, she'd sell her worn panties through craigslist. I would act as the `protection' and sit anonymously at a nearby table while she made the exchange. I made sure the buyer didn't try to follow her home from the cafe she used to make the sale.
 When I was a teenager growing up in Westchester  my parents switched me from public to a small private school that's no longer there. Being a transfer underclassman I had no status with the upper class but somehow, one nite, I hocked up with the quaterback's girlfriend, Bonnie. I remember playing with her on the apartment building lawn with the Tappan Zee bridge lights in the background. Afterwards Bonnie asked if I would be willing to do the same with her girlfriends. Yes I said. For the rest of Bonnie's senior year, I would be told which car to go to and there would be an older girl. And that all happened without craigslist. But that was then...
Happy New Year!

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