Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Janis and Dylan but not in that order

My Bard college friend Bob Richardson remembers it so it must be real. He remembers me walking up to Bob Dylan's table in a cafe in Woodstock in circa 1965 and sitting down. I can picture the cafe and walking in. I remember Mr. Dylan and I talking about the pursuit of nirvana. He said ti was easy. I said it was hard. I pasted Nirvana today but it was closed.

Last night I went to see Janis at the Loft. I did hear her at the Family Dog in Denver. I had a blind date with her in circa 1970 at a retreat outside Taos, N.M. but she never got there. One night around the same time I was having a drink at a bar I never drank at (in Taos) and the emcee saidthat a young singer would like to sing a song he had written. It was Kris Kristofferson and he sang "Me and Bobby McGee".

I added a bird to my life...a sand crane.

I try and cook as much as I can at home. even if its cold. (I stopped using my fireplace because it doesn't draw well and my asthma kicks up). 

The view from my kitchen out...

what covers the window above my kitchen sink

my master bathroom

the cactus covered by sheets (a lot of)

To the right of my main door

the entrance from inside

remembering a friend, Carlos Batts

That's Carlos in the middle between his wife, Lillian and Ori Small wife of Dave Naz (r) when Ori and Daz lived on Laurel Canyon

they were working on something for a tv doc on Carlos

This cold morning while Gail was at the gym I was able to photo capture her strange boird that pecks at her window (lower left corner)

a circa 1968 photo of Mickey Jines I recently sold

my annual drag photo of Robert Villa, this year, Santa's transgender helper

Kady aka Miley May as Santa's other helper

Lillian aka April Flores as elf

Its been a good year though a bit rough with little money and big kidney stone operation. Plenty to be thankful for.Why not peace instead of hate. Why not meditation instead of bullets. Why not be open to every way of life. Why not embrace understanding.

I have (I bet) the largest collection of photo stills of softcore porn from the 1960's. Here is a photo from the set of "Girls Rough House" 1971.


  1. Funny story: I loved Eric’s work and purchased a number of his images and videos, paying him a premium for videos like buy_gwenthong1.wmv. Soon after, the videos wouldn’t play because of some kind of security key was lost. I reached out to Eric and he brushed me off, saying it wasn’t his problem. Here’s the funny bit: energized by his lack of honor and ethics, I found a method to crack the protection and have distributed as much as possible of his work (images and videos) through torrents and other dark web channels for many years. Don’t pay a cent for any of his content, just let me know what you need and I’ll hook you up.

  2. your demise might help. it won't turn the water back on but...Eric Kroll