Saturday, January 23, 2016

From John k to Moline of Tucson with a Huffington Post article

my photographer friend Chas Rae Krider
sent me a link to an article on the work of John K. that appeared yesterday in Huffington Post.

I made a comment. I mentioned Moline of Tucson that I have been SERIOUSLY collecting. here is some of his work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trumbo in Tucson...lunch with Goddard

In 1971, I went looking for my first living/work space in New York City. I answered a sublet ad and it turned out to be Gary Winogrand's westside spacious apartment. Leaning against the wall in his dining room were enormous 1950's b&w photos he had done of Richard Nixon standing up in the back of a convertible making peace signs with both hands as it cruised down the crowded city street. Nixon was smiling the Richard Nixon smile.
The photos by Winogrand of Nixon were extra ordinary. So was Winogrand's bitterness. Or was it NYC depression? A lifetime later I still dont know why he was the way he was but I've gotten hints through the years.
Particularly since moving to Tucson. Conservative! Kicked out (permanently) of Whole Foods at River and Craycroft for a complaint that I was viewing pornography. so much for making my erotica away from snooping minds. (I choose not to have internet at home and have to go out to get it). Apprehended by Federal Park rangers for "being off the path" on the Broadway border of East Sahuaro National Park. Was it the 25 vintage Barbie dolls I hung by their hair from an old sahuaro "off the (invisible) path".
Recently I quit the anti depression drug I was on since a particular woman walked out of my life. Since stopping the medicine I am less lethargic and quick to be pissed. I think that's an improvement over being a passive vegetable.
I read where the editor of Tucson Weekly said America used to be founded on `hope' but now its motivated by fear.
 Because people are SO paranoid I started a new photo essay of people with colored hair FROM THE BACK. I couldn't do the essay from the front. Not in this town...this state...this country unless I had ALL FUCKING day to explain my purpose and make stupid promises I cant possibly keep.

Naim Amor at the Cup

Cliff Taylor held after class for righting on walls

the nite I tried to get Chris Rush to French kiss me. he refused