Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I need thirty women to model vintage bathings suits while standing below a Basilosaurus

My friend Bernard Serge is in from the Moroccan desert with his 30 ft Basilosaurus and I have permission to pose thirty women in my vintage bathing suits below the skeletal beast.
I need models to stand below a Basilosaurus so the thirty foot fossil has women in vintage bathing suits below it. time: Feb. 18, 2016. 7pm location 1333 N. Oracle Tucson, Az. The Mineral Market Place. the paleontologist Bernard Serge has a video of his find on youtube. at "Bernard Serge at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show" by Amanda Martinez. The shoot should take a little over an hour. everyone gets a scan of the shoot. Eric Kroll 415-425-8002. please confirm. there will be penty of vintage bathing suits from my collection. if you have it bring a bath robe. there is a big changing room.

a shot of Serge I took and got busted for in East Saguaro National Park. that's Robert Villa on violin.

I had to go to court over this shot done several years ago. They clainmed it was a commercial shot and I had no permit. I have made nor intended to make money on this photo as can be attested to by Jim Nitzel from the Tucson Weekly. They made me pay $350 which I did NOT have. 
This morning Tucson water turned off my water. Thank goodness there is the community pool with shower across the street from my house. Tomorrow T-mobile will shut down my phone. 

I lose my shirt from my ideas not my failed commercial attempts. I dont make those

BB would have posed I know it

can't u visualize these beauties below the d. bones

February 19th. very few people showed up. Those that did got to enjoy Serge's talk on the 30 ft fossil Basilosaurus. It was a beautiful thing to heart and witness as he expalined to 5 year old Harper that this (mammal) whale was the last able to do push-ups. In other words the next evolution to the blue whale changed the entire skeletal structure. 

the beautiful stream-lined Basilosaurus sits 2nd from the top. So its relatives went from the land to the sea and evolved inot th blue whale, no longer able to do pushes.

I always bring to much stuff and this time I was consistant with hundreds of vintage bathing suits and dozens of heels, water googles, and rubber caps. Its not a total waste since I get to refamilarize myself with my collection.

I got to work with Mari who works with the fossil people. She evoled into the operfecg bathing suit model. Now if there could have been 29 more like her.

beautiful Mari in Dinoland. Decades ago on a side road trip up into New England I came across Dinoland with THE funkiest concrete statues of ancient dinosaurs that once roamed this Connecutt landscape. Somewhere I have the portrait of the ancient couple that owned the park.

Lisa and Harper showed up and were wonderful.

Lisa insisted I get the mother daughter photo beneath the ancient rib cage.

Lisa brought her 4x5 and set it up and took photos

I brought the heels but she choose the gold ones. nice.

Tucson weekly is doing a profile on me and sent over Brian Smith who has many of my same appreciations. He knew the work of one of my old writer friends who died, Dave Aaron Clark, had been given a Toledo (see the next blog entry) record and loved it and grew up with Cliff Taylor in Tucson!

the smiling quaterback in the back was Jorge Rico. always resourceful. Note how the "team" wore their arms.

To break the tension I felt from the lack of Tucson support, I danced the minutes away with Mari. (photo by Lisa)

Mari follows our lead.

Jorge tries to relax

when I first moved back to NYC in 1971 I got an insider's tour of the basement of the Natural History museum. It looked kind of like this. But there were far fewer one pieces.

If only I were a few million years older maybe Mari might have noticed me!

As Lisa and Harper were heading home Keanna arrived. My former first Tucson assistant was able to do her obligations and get to the shoot. I recreated the idea of the age old `battle of the sexes' over Serge. After all, two of the women that agreed to pose had known Serge from either flying next to him on an airliner or ..I dont know.


Serge claimed that the following Saturday he would fly home to Morocco but I found this digi image on the internet and I am suspicious he is kept under glass until the next season.

what I found disppointing and troubling was the lack of support for the shoot.

The talk Serge gave to those that were interested was great. 

I want to thank Paula taylor, Carl Hanni, Elizabeth Cherry, for sending out a `shout out' about the shoot. But those that didnt think to alert their academic class, those who ingnored the face bk posting or  the posting on my blog tick me off. One fellow, I called at an establishment I work with all the time, I asked him to ask his wife if she would be in my 30 group shot of women in vintage bating suits, called at 9:01 am the next day and I paraphrase "You've crossed the line..Don't ever come in herre for... I will never ...for you again. Do you know what I mean!!!???" I told him I didnt and I still don't. I asked him to ask his wife to be in my shot. I wanted to thank the dinosaur fossil people- Serge, Jamie, Mari and Azzil

People are strange and beautiful. in or out of Dinoland

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Molly L'amour `kills' it at Lucha Va Voom at the Mayan

I'm almost home but not quite.

Molly got me in ringside to Lucha VaVoom and Durmel was my `plus one' and I insisted he wear his fabulous mascara.

During my extended stay in Durmel's backyard casita I stayed out most nites till 5 am but Durmel satyed out EVERY nite till 5 am.

I couldnt take my camera off this bartender all nite

ringside security

aerialist from Mexico

if you squint, from the back she looks like one of those boneless creatrues you poke at the Monterrey Aquarium

one of three announcers (Mexican)

wrestling between the sexes

and then she pulled down his trunks!

they should have this sort of thing in Tuicson

she danced to James Bond's Goldfinger

I loved the chickens

but they lost!

I have known Molly L'amour since I saw her dance with Toledo at a jazz club in Santa Monica almost 10 years ago. I liked her so much I brought her to New York for my exhibition publicity at the Chelsea area Anna Kustera gallery. Her solo at my reception at Ideal Glass in the Bowery was memorable. Somewhere in there she danced for Lady Gaga on tour. There's more but D'amour is enough.

I love her haughty look. she is above it all nomatter how far down she goes

the `walk-off'