Friday, February 12, 2016

Denny's morning noon and nite

I got to see and visit with Jeremy Thompson, a close friend from San Francisco. He looked like Lenin but smiled like Satan (both good things). We met at Matt Gleason's gallery and got hugs from Lisa Derrick and a selfie

then went looking for a restaurant- he on his motorcycle and me in my Echo. After following him through every LA neighborhood I made the right turn I thought he made and realized he hadn't made any right and knew he wouldnt answer his phone while driving his bike so I kept driving until I ended up in Alhambra, the home of a thug in the novel by Denis Johnson called "Nobody Move". So I didn't  (move)
from 4:30 pm till now (2:25 am).  I ate a dinner then went to my car and slept 7 hours then am back in for breakfast and internet. My goal is to reach Tucson, Az

in the next few days

Jorge and Amanda and the Ventana Canyon golfers in my backyard

The Kasbah is gone that once was on the corner in Sunset Junction. Success destroyed Jumbo's Clown room. There are now young couple behind the velvet rope to get in! Now how is one supposed to make tips when his girlfriend is eyeing the local talent!

The cheap but good chinese restaurant next to Gelson's on Hyperion is gone. And I couldnt shoot at Dave's because the mold removing guy didnt come when he said he would and Dave was concerned the naked models I wanted to bring over would track the mole around.
And Durmel is a God send. Then comes Luka Orbison aka Luka Brown genius personality, painter, and procurer of models 4 me.

He also documents me working, like Durmel does.

My new friend, John, took me to dinner at Barrachoa in Atwater and Durmel deLeon and Molly D'Amour came along. John's obsessive but in a good way because he smiles while obsessing which, I think, means he realizes how over the top he is. Within 10 hours he send me an email asking if Durmel is "Satyr" and sends me a bare chested shlt of Durmel with horns. John is a moving breathing face recognition machine.

a parting shot or two:

Kenyon dining with Kong (not visible) at 5 am in Canter's

Sabrina I shot at 5:30 am at a Mobil station at Vine and Santa Monica blvd.

Like I wrote, I'm heading home. therefore two shots of Tucson Sabrina, mother and student,

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