Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Im in Canter's deli on Fairfax and its 2:22am

I keep thinking I can do an organized, intelligent blog entry but I can't. I quit my anti depressants cold turkey and basically that's what I have become. angry but alive. I was tired of being melba toast without a hard-0n. SO
I stay out behind Durmel's house in Mt. Washington. I came to LA 2 work on creating a pop-up gallery of vintage porn and contemporary erotica. I need to find more collectors of the million cool items I own. So it would include the work of contemporary artists I am friends with. I did the same thing to produce the Warhol show at the Eric Firestone gallery in Tucson years ago. Except he made the money and I didn't. This time I want to use the 40 years of collecting and befriending to pull together the most exciting exhibition and sale of edge erotic art.
Marcel Duchamp said "all great art stems from LUST".

feast or famine. I havent shot with an interesting model in months and then through Kayla I shoot two.

Kayla on her phone arranging my shoot

She and I are back being friends again and I like it.

She knew Luka who knew Cameron. And he knew Suzy. I had bought a transparent rubber suit from Syren, Stockroom's rubber division. I had brought the air plants for her arm pits and pubes.

a close-up shot in Durmel's backyard

Before I left Tucson  I got to hang with the help of Jorge my "Sissy" watercolor. It has become the centerpiece of my art collection. Here is a shot of Yessica mimicking the sissy watercolor by Aldo. 

"from Billy (Bill Ward) to Bettie (Peter Basch) in my humble living room"

one of the perks of staying with my friend Durmel is seeing his work. Here is a shot of me by Durmel deLeon directing Mindy, Molly, and two others (I dressed them in my vintage girdles) for a segment of Michael Simmons' American Fetish

both above images ©Durmel deLeon

Elia has come up with a brilliant invention. a "nose" pipe for smoking pot through one's NOSE

Durmel found a `Goodwill by the pound' in San Bernadino (the location has been changed to prevent obsessives from buying what I want)

I go tomorrow to meet Elena who modelled for Bunny Yeager back in the '60s.

©from the estate of Bunny Yeager

I got tired of explaining where the photo I was about to go of someone was going to go so I started a photo essay on the backs of women and men's colored hair. heres some

in Atwater village

in Goodwill

Atwater village

west Hollywood

both shot in Bashas food store Tucson, Az

I wasnt allowed to take photos in Bar Sinister in west Hollywood except the go-go dancers.

one last shot of Kayla b4 I go home

one last shot of Cameron

after Bowie died women fell to earth


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