Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Al Foul and Felice Arroyo

There is absolutely no connection between these two people except Al is the real thing. Not a spec of bullshiit. You hear him and you have heard from deep down inside him. All the grit that breaks every adult's shield is in his face, in his words, in his voice and from his powder blue guitar (which he hand painted himself).
My friend Naim brought him to me and I will b forever grateful because seeing Al Foul reaffirms my belief that there is good on earth.

Al Foul and his full band at Che's. Eric is hidden in the back, Lucas is on drums and Naim is playing lead guitar.

Felice and I were together in San Francisco over 10 years ago. She was here to help me find the David Bowie negs, the Yoko Ono negs but she was really here to remind me of her extra ordinairy beauty.

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