Thursday, March 17, 2016

Toledo (again)

When I lived in LA from 2007 to 2009 I went religiously to hear Toledo and to watch his cabaret dancers. It happened Sundays-two shows on 4th avenue in a jazz
club in Santa Monica. I went away and I heard he was tasting the sm scene in LA but I had no idea what i would see on my last visit to LA. I was staying in Durmel's casita in his backyard and he brought me to the Petite Heritmage ( a bouquet hotel in west Hollywood. A small room next to a bar, next to an outdoor pool on the 3rd floor. Very tight seating with his musicians scattered behind him. An exquisite beauty sang from a corner sitting, several unfamiliar musicians played mid eastern instruments and Toledo pounded out the rhythm on a small tiled table. He got up and began to move and sing and then reached into the fringes and yanked out a dancer by her hair. Toledo is all about sex...all about dark sex and he had the dancer and every other woman in the room WET.
Afterwards I walked up to him and admitted I was humbled by the changes he had made in his routine (a misnomer since he is forever changing...growing). He had incorporated elements of domination into his numbers and it was buena. He is deserving of a MacArthur Foundation grant.

cool cat and a fine dresser. may he receive all good things

ps there is not a woman in the LA area that dances that hasnt learned from Toledo. Toledo is a rite of passage.

more of that nite.

The Toledo `look'

the beginning of the second set 

plenty of flesh

a beautiful singer accompanying Toledo on some numbers

some of the Toledo backup band at the Petit

the `master' never loses contact with the `submissive' aka dancer

note the audience reaction

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