Friday, April 29, 2016

Charles Gatewood died and liberal thinking is also at risk

The night of the day my good friend Charles Gatewood died

I attended Amy Goodman's (Democracy Now) talk at the Tucson convention center. Charles, like myself, didn't recognize boundaries, and crossed into imagery that upset some people and delighted others. He told me years ago he moved to San Francisco to be amongest people that were wild and sexually free. He said it with his sparkling eyes and his devilish smile. I also chose the bad boy route and have always tried to live it. Restriction to me resembles sameness...control. I enjoy out-of-control  and the creative energy found in chaos.  Charles lived a well organized life touched by the beauty found in the alternative lifestyle and this brings me to the state of the union.
I was speaking with Ralph who makes leather goods in the east and we were lamenting the disappearance of alternative thinking and action. Gone. Now people live in fear of...I dont know. Identity theft? This climate of conservatism isnt being tempered by liberalism. Amy Goodman

reminded me of a young Mary Ellen Mark, the great photojournalist. When she was young and shooting the prostitutes in New Delhi or the street kids in Seattle, the hardship she photographed was etched into her face. It wasnt till years later, over dinner in LA with her friend Candice Bergman, that I saw the weight of the world had been taken off her shoulders. But then she died.

 looks like she carries some of the people's struggle on her shoulders and in her eyes. The impish smile is there but the palour is dark. Everyone in the hallway knew the drill. She was preaching to the choir. She wasnt able to reach a young audience of right wingers to witness her kindness and intelligence. The only spot of color in the crowd was the young woman with long long orange hair that was handing out Amy's book.

 I think Amy's reason for speaking, beyond selling her book, was to emphasis how many struggles of injustice were going on all over the country (her 100 day bk tour visited many cities where injustice is). But I read the New York Times. I was hoping for something else.

ps my good- bye to Gatewood is on my Facebook page. I feel strongly he lived a lively life involved with many wonderful people. Here are a few: Ron Turner, Annie Sprinkle, Fakir Musafar, Spider Webb, Marcos Vassi,  and more. That is a very strong list of brilliant alternative energy. He photographed many beautiful women like Anna Noelle Rockwell, Tobi Glover, Joanne Vargas. I will miss the soup that was always on his stove and the smiling wisdom he had to share. In his lifetime he never stopped creating. Many images...making books. bravo Charles!


  1. i still have the signed CG book i bought on our tucson trip...

  2. i still have the signed CG book i bought on our tucson trip...