Monday, April 18, 2016

Isabella Sinclair chokes Lystra for my camera and a film crew in my backyard in Silver Lake (years ago)

Back when I lived in LA...after I got fired as the photo book editor for TASCHEN publishing, a film crew wanted to shoot me taking photos. I shot exquisite dominant Isabella Sinclair `playing' with submissive Lystra. The photos were beuatiful in the late afternoon light in my decorated living room.When the film crew came I suggested to continure in my private backyard. I asked Isabella to `play' choke Lystra who enjoyed being choked. I knew Lystra would pass out but didnt tell Isabella but did alert the film camera man. I wanted the surprise on Isabella face...and got it.

she faints

Isabella attempts to hold her up
Later that day i brought Isabella to meet Dennis Hopper whom I was working with on a TASCHEN book. Here he is signing a poster at his exhibit at the Ace gallery. The last time we hung together was when he had his nails done at a salon in Santa Monica, CA. I had known him since his gun toting drug days in Taos, N.M. in the early '70's. He ended up a gentle gentleman.

I got fired from TASCHEN because Benedikt and I agreed I was NOT a corporate kind of guy. When the book I co-edited, New Erotic Photography, came out, I arranged to meet my daughter Willa in Rome after she was done studying in Florence for the summer. I arranged a book signing in a bar in Paris that would include the many French photographers in the Erotic book. It never occurrd to me to notify my co-editor, Dian Hanson. In my non-corporate mind I was going to Rome to see my daughter and would stop in Paris and do a book signing.
That night a flaming redhead named Luh insisted I shoot her. 

She told me wouldnt leave me till I got the shot I wanted. I arranged in my mind to take days (in my hotel room) to get that shot. Each morning she'd ask if I was done.
 I was shooting so many women in my chamber that the concierge pulled me aside and told me they didnt allow their guests to bring to their rooms so many prostitutes! Excuse- moi! These are not whores but rather MODELS!
One morning over petite dejeune, I suggested she use the hickey on her neck to make a face.

homage to Beetle Juice

Luh and I would dine with a dozen friends every nite. It was crazy cultural as happens in Europe. I miss that. Here she is covering her achne which didnt bother me, but bothered her.

Lee Miller when she was a high fashion model and before she became a noted photographer sought out Man Ray in Paris in June. When she arrived at his studio she was told Man had left for the summer that day. Lee asked where he departed from and went to the cafe mentioned and there was Man Ray. "I want to study photograph with you", Lee remarked. Man was very apologetic she told her she would have to wait till he returned to Paris. She refused and left with him for the summer and the rest is cultural history.

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