Thursday, April 21, 2016

O Canada

Carl recommended me to Jefferson and Craig who r here doing a documentary without words on the personality of Tucson for the film festival that is in town at the Screening Rm on Congress. I wanted Sammy to change clothes behind me while they filmed me so that the audience had a choice as to what to watch. A beautiful naked woman or me!
I wanted her privates to be covered so I went to the University bookstore on Mountain to get an "A" to hide her universe. Unfortunately, the Canadians arrived first so I gave them the "finger" and sent them for a swim in the community pool across from my house and Sammy arrived and we tried to create something special but it had more disaster that comprehension. Turned out it was a visual portrait so words were unnecessary.
I like them and we had fun. Then I suggested Robert Villa and his violin and his snakes and his gila monsters but the animals were on load to various documentaries. B ut Al Foul was playing at the Independent so we four met up there later.

"go team"!

viva Mexico!

Sammy leaving storage



Al Foul at the Independent Distillery

distilled Al

Al's friend who became my friend

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  1. Dear Mr. Kroll, Where can I buy you BW photos?, your fan