Friday, April 1, 2016

Sammy came first

but Brian Smith missed the shoot so (he's writing a piece on me for the Tucson Weekly) I arranged to shoot Samantha again for him to see how I shoot. It felt strange to have Brian there. Like he was judging me. Like I was a pervert to spend time with a (sometimes) naked woman 46 years my junior.
Anyone near my age would NOT allow themselves to be the figure to flesh out my imagination. I wanted to take the tram at Sabino Canyon then walk in to Seven Falls but it was cold so I packed a picnic lunch and we drove to Saguaro East National Park the scene of two previous photo busts.
I had gotten a 100,000 year old stone hand tool from Jamie who got it in Morocco.
The week before I went 5 times to watch the Yaqui Easter Lent ceremonies and I had also seen "Embrace of the Serpent" at the Loft Cinema so I felt close to the earth and wanted Sammy to use the stone (phallic)tool as a sex tool and press it against her v over the white cotton granny panties I provided. She didnt feel sexy.
Again, it was exasperated by a writer scribbling in his note pad.
I also wanted to do some shots around `slut wear'. Ever since my University of Colorado Boulder student days I had been affected by women in short shorts. I have a mere 30 pairs. We brought a few. I had bought a tiny white sweater at a thrift store on Speedway that, if buttoned properly or rather unbuttoned properly, showed the bottom of her fine breasts. Again, I felt judged.
The location, the weather, the food and company were spectacular. Just trying to find beauty. Just trying to mix it up.

more 2 follow. the internet is being a dick

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