Sunday, May 29, 2016

New local baseball team the is here and I'm shooting food for the S. Antojitos Salvadorenos pupusa restaurant at the Tohono O'odham swap meet

and I am going because it is one of the finest early evening things i know to do. I love the stadium - the old Kino Veterans near Ajo Way. I love the tempo and the price. $6 for seniors. Its family. I sit with friends along the first baseline. very fine. I like the mascot "Sticky".
When they played the Santa Fe team it was good baseball but when they played the Alpine team it was a blow-out victory for the Saguaros and not as interesting.

"Sticky" watche the game

my good friend Bob Campbell is also able to carry on multiple txt communications while watching the game

There is something magnificent old school about being at the baseball park

 a beautifully happy concession worker at the stadium

I've been working with Juan, Maria's son and married to Ruth. His family owns the S. Antojitos Salvadorenos restaurant which is off the south west corner of the parking lot for the Tohono O'odham swap meet. I've been breakfasting there since before I moved to Tucson. Either Danny Vinik, or Darren and Gary introduced me to the swap and I found the restaurant.
I used to shoot food and knick knacks for the front of Vogue magazine so I proposed I shoot the pupusas, etc for photos to put on the wall for people to point at if they want it.

I thought we should do something to get the kids excited ....

"Now you kids behave"

the place is open from 7am to 2:15pm Saturday and Sunday