Sunday, June 5, 2016

"When you hear music, after its over, it's gone, in the air, you can never capture it again"- Eric Dolphy

I am so disappointed that the times have turned the way they have. I thought conservative thinking,  an uptight world, living in fear of what might be, would happen politically. It didnt have to. The nightmare is here and it evolved out of the everyday world.
There is no unpredictability. Everything is prescribed and known already. New behavior is frowned upon. No avante grade that I can see SO I decided to compose musically without knowing anything about music. The last musical instrument I played was a recorder when I was 12.
Thinking of the world of Yves Klein

, the composing of Thelonius Monk

 and the leadership of Mingus

 I invited musicans to meet at dinoland on Oracle where Drachman comes from the east. I would cook (bbq) the corn and chicken (with help from my friends)

and my musical contribution would be the invitation.
Several years ago I had met Melanie King

 on 14th street at the entrance to the 8th avenue subway in NYC. She had just come from her bass clarinet lesson.
Flash forward to her visit. We rented a bass clarient from Chicago instruments. She and Robert Villa read music.

 I invited Sammy after attending her harp recital.

(Sammy at her rehearsal)

I invited Danny (Serge of Love)
to bring his white baritone guitar and moeg synethizer

and Steve Romaniello

to bring his theremin and his girlfriend Karen B to bring her voice. I thought Jorge Rico would bring an instrument

but instead came stoned...Abril was to film the event but came after it started and had to eat. Robert Villa played his violin before running off.
Someone there asked  {"what happened to the music").
It happened. Sporatcally under the bones of a prehistoric whale. Jamie played host

)Melanie does Jamie's portrait)
 and I conducted by inviting.

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