Monday, July 18, 2016

I try and live as poor a life as I can afford

Those that have more then they need should give it to people that dont have enough to eat, sleep, stay healthy and learn.
The world fabric is being torn apart by greed and fear. soon people will no longer stop to contemplate a scene or read a book or newspaper.
allow me to run some photos i have taken the past many weeks.

Audrey with things she bought at Circle K on Broadway

James enjoying a cigar leaning against his Chevy he is storing. after a Saguaro game at Kino stadium

woman at the Tohuna chul swap meet with her new bird

Nadine and Brian take me down to south Tucson

a July 4th selfie at the Saguaros baseball game

Reece with his swag

Sammy in Nogales

Sammy pretending to be a teepee in Saguaro East National Park

the way Melanie King greeted Brian Smith the writer of the article on me in the Tucson Weekly. I felt safer when she did the dishes.

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