Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life is perfect...sort of...maybe

I have photos I'd like to put up. This post will be followed by my shots of my daughter, Willa's wedding but first other shots.

Amy Sampson my master program student at my former student, Patrick Paeper's Alias Book east store in Atwater village
Amy is wearing a Spank Skirt backwards

Amy at the Santa Monica beach. note the rubber heels and Brigette Bardot rubber one piece from Syren

colored hair outside Bashas grocery store down the hill from where I live

the first year manager of the Saguaros-they won the champioonship of the Pecos League. Go team!

two sides of Katy Gierlach at the Tohunol Chul swap meet

and the other side of Katy

Kayla with cupping in LA at a club

me and Kayla

my Tucson bedroom but its not like this anymore

my backyard after a rain

a family recently moved to Tucson that I noticed getting off a city bus
a woman out doing the art walk in Tucson

Andy rolls a cigarette and listens

me and Lillian Batts ham it up by Eric Swenson at Bar Hayama on Sawtelle in Santa Monica

a house with matching matching colored car

me on my 40th birthday, my ex wife Lynka, by my side. (photo by Charlie Steiner)

pl note. I was just in SF and my friend Ron Turner of Last Gasp gave me film cannister of Charles Gatewood's ashes. I am honored. I'm sorry I missed his memorial. A very good friend with a rich imagination. (Robert Heinken had his widow fill salt shakers with his ashes!)

me and my long lost son Juan. photo by Melanie King

Gail and me in LA by Dave Naz

home security. photo by Brian Smith

good nite