Thursday, September 29, 2016

Neikrug Gallery Rated X show...who was there?

Richard Kern about to take my photo with Erin (model to us both)

Erin must have taken this

Erin must have taken this one

writer David Aaron Clark

David Aaron Clark, Jonathan Shaw and Rosemary Delain in rubber

Leslie Barany, unknown and Richard Kern

Leslie Barany films and Spider Webb smiles

Rosemary delain lloking sleek in her rubber dress

Mistress Shane, David Aaron Clark, Jonathan Shaw and Mistress Rosemary Delain

a younger Carlo McCormack

Mistress Shane, David Aaron Clark and the backside of Rosemary

one of my photos I showed in the Neikrug show. Charles Pinion and Annabelle. American Gothic 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Well last night settles that. Donald Trump has no Presidential fiber

I was never a Trump fan but he insulted me and my country last night by NOT preparing for his first debate with Hillary Clinton. I loved seeing, after the debate was finished,  Hillary and Bill going to the television audience and shaking hands...going to the people.
What planet is Trump on that he didnt know to shake hands with the people.
It will be hard to sway his followers who champion blustery, bullyism and bullshit.
Let us pray.
My daughter refused to watch the debate last night saying it was a circus. It is not a circus. Travis, the young man serving me breakfast at my breakfast place didnt watch the debate. The blue haired woman did watch it and couldnt sleep, as neither could I.
Please dont think one can prevent a Trump without working on preventing his election.

Friday, September 23, 2016

the bottom of Canyon de Chelly and Katia's body as roadmap of her life

To continue the idea that my world is becoming more and more colored by paranoia, fear and uptightness...reasons I can't make the same type of photos I made decades ago. After the Navaho swap meet in Granada I stopped in the Holbrook area. It is a town I have been shooting in from before 1991 when I brought Arizona Alice to the Wigwam motel and had her do cartwheels in white
short shorts, patterned pantyhose, and blue white hair.
Again I returned to some strange and wonderful Americana off interstate 40 east of Holbrook.

At a funky roadside road shop I met Kelsey and her mother driving from Orlando, Florida to Vegas. 18 year old Kelsey had seen the "feed the ostrich's" sign and remembered having fed them when they stopped and she was a kid.
(The owner of the shop had turned me down taking her photo and she had said "NO! I dont want my butt on the internet!")

Andy Warhol drove with Taylor Meade and Viva across counrty by car to a gallery opening he was having in LA. Supposedly this trip turned him onto super graphics- the billboards with minimal text. Those billboards are still there. here is one of state 180 east of Holbrook, Az and before the entrance to the Petrified Forrest National Park.

I wet past the Dobell free museum and drove near the entrance to the National Park. I met Dobell's sister by marriage who ran a small rock shop in a blue building near the Park entrance. I asked her to write out her story. She wrote it out in pencil.

I turned around and went back to the Dobell ranch. I had met him a few years back and heard from his sister-in-law he had died. This time I went up there (at least ten miles off 180) to grandfather Dobell's house that used to be the original entrance to the Park.

the road leading to the Dobell ranch and Katia

I met Noah, the son of Dobell and bought a black petrified piece which he polished. He was constantly working, and conversing with the occasional customers. Katia was nearby and as I am always looking for models I asked Noah about her and he said they were nolonger a couple. I asked Katia to put on some of hte few clothes I brought. She asked that I wait till the last customers left. They left and I noticed Noah was also gone. 
A full length documentary is being shot by my friends Larn and Nadine. I figured Katia could be the perfect model for out film. I gave her my info and a copy of Brian Smith's lead article for the Tucson Weekly on my life. She gave me the number that rings in the rock shop belonging to Noah.

I made some arrangements to return and film her with Larn and Nadine and called a couple of days later, called the number she had given me. The third time call Noah picked up. Said Katia was gone. He had driven her to town to get rid of her. That there might be arrest warrants on her. That she had done bad stuff at the house. He said he had no idea what we had done when he had driven off to dig holes but he was VERY uptight. (we had done nothing-just quasi Kroll fashion portrait shots). He made a point of saying he had signed no model release. He asked to see the shots I had done of his departed dad and I got off the phone and tried to find them. I have NO system as regards my digital work. 
So much for something being simple and easy.

Noah with rock I bought

Noah about to polish my rock


beauty in a squaw dress

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reservation line cowgirl, Navaho 2 % junk food tax and teepee firewood for sale

I'm up here on the res and I think even Robert Frank would have trouble doing his "Americas" book today. When I spent a year on the road when first married to Lynka I heard "what's this for?" every time I wanted to do someone's portrait. Today its "I don't want my butt on the internet." I should a never been a people photographer.
Navaho County Fair rodeo in Holbrook, Az

young Navaho girl doing the barrel race

young Navaho barrel racer

young dines on their way to the Fair

Navaho mother leading her daughter to the barrel race

Navaho dad with his son before the barrel race

Navaho County Fair

young mother at the fair

When Felice and I went to France I hoped to find a cottage in the countryside and walk into the village for cheese, bread and wine. We found the cottage, we found the village but, except for one day , that didnt become a pattern for our trip.
On this journey I wanted to stay at a cool hotel (Thunderbird Lodge in Chinle) but cook out our meals. My old college friend from Bard, Bob Richardson met me at the Lodge and we did in fact bbq across the road at the park. Gail gives me her New York Times and I am way behind reading them but I feel the Times is the publication of record and I brought a pile of unread issues with me. Here I am reading the New York Times in the laundramat in Chinle, Az.

our rooms at the Tunderbird Lodge

fresh orange juice in the park

does that look good or what?

On my way back to Holbrook I stopped at the Saturday Indian swap in Granado and got some handsome frybread with chile

(not my sandwich)

Those people anxious to see my photos of my daughter Willa's Yosemite wedding will be disappointed as was I when Willa called in tears asking me not to put her weddiing on my blog. She was fearful people would associate her with my other work. Greatly hurt and disappointed...I agreed. Later I was thinking about it...the only people who would come to my blog would already be familiar with my work and therefore not be shocked or think it shed light on her and her husband. Ah the terrible rise of conservative my own backyard. Here is a photo taken by James (Leah's friend). I am wearing my custom tailored cowboy suit and Willa (on my arm) I have cropped out. Maybe I can put the photos on my facebook page. I will alert my blog if I do

I drive (its in the shop) a 2000 red Echo with over 300,000 miles on it. Tim at Tuck's auto over on Camino Seco has been my car doctor since Dr. Peter Crown introduced me to him. He's the most honest man I know. Recently when I was complaining about needing to fix something on my car (that he maintains beautifully) he smiled and said "buy a new car", then he rented a van and drove off to Disneyland with his grand kids and daughters. Anyway I was out looking for petrified wood east of Holbrook when my battery light went on. I got back into town and it died and Brandon from AAA came and towed it to Scotty's down the street.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Leah in Bali at age six

My oldest daughter Leah is going back to the New School for Social Research to finish her undergraduate degree and begin her graduate work in (I'm guessing) child development. She having an understandle hard time and it made me think of the many things she has accomplished as a young person. When we lived on 31st and 2nd avenue in mid Manhattan she studied for five years with the New York Theatre Ballet.

When we went to Bali to visit our friend and my college friend from the University of Colorado (Penny Watson) she took lessons with Barbara Laughing Water and we did a shoot with another young Balinese dancer.

She stayed in a fabulous Balinese house in the rice fields. the food was fantastic, the visuals never-2-b-forgotten.

 we spent about two weeks in Ubud and every nite we would visit a different village to watch their nitely dances.

being the dad photographer I got to shoot a set up of Leah with another young girl in full dress.

how cool is that!