Saturday, September 10, 2016

Leah in Bali at age six

My oldest daughter Leah is going back to the New School for Social Research to finish her undergraduate degree and begin her graduate work in (I'm guessing) child development. She having an understandle hard time and it made me think of the many things she has accomplished as a young person. When we lived on 31st and 2nd avenue in mid Manhattan she studied for five years with the New York Theatre Ballet.

When we went to Bali to visit our friend and my college friend from the University of Colorado (Penny Watson) she took lessons with Barbara Laughing Water and we did a shoot with another young Balinese dancer.

She stayed in a fabulous Balinese house in the rice fields. the food was fantastic, the visuals never-2-b-forgotten.

 we spent about two weeks in Ubud and every nite we would visit a different village to watch their nitely dances.

being the dad photographer I got to shoot a set up of Leah with another young girl in full dress.

how cool is that!

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