Monday, September 19, 2016

Reservation line cowgirl, Navaho 2 % junk food tax and teepee firewood for sale

I'm up here on the res and I think even Robert Frank would have trouble doing his "Americas" book today. When I spent a year on the road when first married to Lynka I heard "what's this for?" every time I wanted to do someone's portrait. Today its "I don't want my butt on the internet." I should a never been a people photographer.
Navaho County Fair rodeo in Holbrook, Az

young Navaho girl doing the barrel race

young Navaho barrel racer

young dines on their way to the Fair

Navaho mother leading her daughter to the barrel race

Navaho dad with his son before the barrel race

Navaho County Fair

young mother at the fair

When Felice and I went to France I hoped to find a cottage in the countryside and walk into the village for cheese, bread and wine. We found the cottage, we found the village but, except for one day , that didnt become a pattern for our trip.
On this journey I wanted to stay at a cool hotel (Thunderbird Lodge in Chinle) but cook out our meals. My old college friend from Bard, Bob Richardson met me at the Lodge and we did in fact bbq across the road at the park. Gail gives me her New York Times and I am way behind reading them but I feel the Times is the publication of record and I brought a pile of unread issues with me. Here I am reading the New York Times in the laundramat in Chinle, Az.

our rooms at the Tunderbird Lodge

fresh orange juice in the park

does that look good or what?

On my way back to Holbrook I stopped at the Saturday Indian swap in Granado and got some handsome frybread with chile

(not my sandwich)

Those people anxious to see my photos of my daughter Willa's Yosemite wedding will be disappointed as was I when Willa called in tears asking me not to put her weddiing on my blog. She was fearful people would associate her with my other work. Greatly hurt and disappointed...I agreed. Later I was thinking about it...the only people who would come to my blog would already be familiar with my work and therefore not be shocked or think it shed light on her and her husband. Ah the terrible rise of conservative my own backyard. Here is a photo taken by James (Leah's friend). I am wearing my custom tailored cowboy suit and Willa (on my arm) I have cropped out. Maybe I can put the photos on my facebook page. I will alert my blog if I do

I drive (its in the shop) a 2000 red Echo with over 300,000 miles on it. Tim at Tuck's auto over on Camino Seco has been my car doctor since Dr. Peter Crown introduced me to him. He's the most honest man I know. Recently when I was complaining about needing to fix something on my car (that he maintains beautifully) he smiled and said "buy a new car", then he rented a van and drove off to Disneyland with his grand kids and daughters. Anyway I was out looking for petrified wood east of Holbrook when my battery light went on. I got back into town and it died and Brandon from AAA came and towed it to Scotty's down the street.

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  1. I don't know why you make me smile, but you do.
    Wish I had been present at the Navaho County Fair - love barrel racing, love ponies. And love, family cropped photos.